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                                                                   My Dear Parents/Guardians/Viewers

It is a age of liberalization, globalization an privatization where in the world is rising appropriately in a charismatic manner. One must be proficient to weigh up in a conventionalized approach and execute the desired task resourcefully. The most affluent relations become prominent by way of stuffing after boosting planning into action.The DAV Kumarganj basically aims at quality education and on all sides of maturity of student’s personal providing hassle free surroundings for overall development, in terms of performance in the different disciplines of activities that the school always discharges to them.The school is heightened enough to impart education with combination of the present and the straight using the educational technology,computer education, visual aids laying great emphasis on high quality turn out,obedience and setting a standard of individual achievement for ethical and societal virtues.  DAV Kumarganj’s stand in passing on the skills through excellence education in various streams has surfaced productivity & successfully. The school has been able to shape its students in bonafide learning that acclaims endowment, discipline and tutorial amid its students, students are educated for life, to gogetter and first-rate human beings. They cope to build up a kind of inventiveness and elasticity, which facilitate them in getting mastery over new areas too. We welcome all aspirants to the land of DAV Kumarganj to recoil values, aim and sovereign. The choice lies with you keeping in view the deal in information, communication and technology at the right place & all altitudes timely. Education is the most important learning in Man’s Life. An educated man is never a failure. He had the courage to experiment and excel in life. He is self motivated  and never threatened by challenges. It is not always academics that defines knowledge  but  development of your being is equally important DAV Kumarganj has the only aim to give a big canvas to students to paint the brightest picture. I am proud to say that we are trying to give a platform where our students staff and teachers are striving towards  the goal of excellence  DAV is a dynamic system which is ready to observe new methods and system technology and technique for the benefits  of students we adhere only to textbooks but also try and create an environment where our students push themselves towards their growing or a wholesome person. Our mission is holistic development of a child.Wishing you perceptive and creditable position.

God bless us all.

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